Building Surveys

Are all building surveys the same? Surely if the report is produced by a Chartered Surveyor then they will be and I can go for the lowest quote received? Well no!

A building can be very complex and to produce a useful and informative report the inspection needs to be carried out by someone with suitable experience and knowledge of the construction and likely building defects that relate to the type of property concerned.

Not all surveyors understand cob construction, the implications of cracking and movement or the life expectancy of certain building materials and building pathology is a skill developed after years of experience following initial training and qualification.

Our reports may not be the cheapest but will always provide specific and relevant information on the property in hand with no standard phrases or blanket descriptions. The defects observed will be described with practical advice given on how to resolve and repair with budget costings given if required.

Where defects cannot be seen but are assumed to exist, such as the risk of decayed beam ends in period stone cottage construction, reference would be made so that an informed decision can be made whether or not to purchase or adjust an offer made.

Whilst we do not test service installations on inspection a lot can be determined by a visual inspection to establish whether further investigation or repair is required. Where possible the drains are checked and we have regularly found issues with private drainage systems and water supplies for example that are not immediately obvious.

All our reports are accompanied by a detailed schedule of photographs that are useful for reference purposes.

In this current market with mortgages harder to obtain it is even more important not to get saddled with a property that may prove difficult to sell or more costly to repair than envisagad as there is no longer the same potential growth in value once enjoyed almost whatever the condition.   

 Our surveys can be tailored to meet your individual requirements with specific advice given on matters of concern such as nearby trees or cracks with opportunity to check on the feasibility of proposed alterations or to provide insurance reinstatement valuations and market appraisal advice and we would be pleased to discuss matters with you as required.

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